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Prices & Availability

Property Laws for Foreigners buying in the Philippines

As a foreigner, what are the laws impacting my wish to own property in Palawan?


Property Pricing Options

Option 1
All Buildings on 19843sqm lot

NET: PHP30,000,000
PHP1500 per SQM

Option 2
All Buildings on 10,000sqm lot

NET: PHP27,000,000

PHP2700 per SQM

Option 3
9843sqm Agricultural lot

NET: PHP4,921,500
PHP500 per SQM

We offer the option to buy 19843sqm or 10000sqm both include all buildings.  

9843sqm Agri lot can be purchased separately.

Let us know your preference.

All options negotiable.

Palawan Bangka in Cove

                                         TERMS OF PURCHASE

  • Earnest Money: 1% of Purchase Price upon submission of Letter of Intent.    To be credited toward Purchase Price. Non-refundable.

  • Down Payment: 5% of Purchase Price upon full execution of Contract to Sell.  To be credited toward Purchase Price. Non-refundable.

  • Buyer's Account: Capital Gains; Documentary Stamps on Sale; Notary Fees;  Transfer Fees; Registration Fees and any additional incidental fees                  related to the transfer of ownership.


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