Guest Cottages

Large Cottage

  • Kitchen & Dining area

  • Ceiling fans 

  • Insulated roof

  •  Fully screened and Furnished

  • Detached Bathroom with covered access   

Porch & Kitchenette
Comfy cottage
Large Cottage with screened in kitchen
Aircon cottage with full bath
Big cottage bunk beds
Small Guest Cottage
Small Cottage Bath
Small Cottage Kitchenette
Large Cottage Porch and Kitchen
Large Cottage
Small Cottage Porch and Kitchen
Large Cottage Dining
Large Cottage Kitchen
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Small Cottage

  • Air Conditioned screened Bedroom 

  • Paneled & insulated walls and ceiling

  • Air Conditioned western style Bathroom

  • Kitchen and dining/porch area with ceiling fan


  • Furnished