• Bill McCall

Why We Chose Palawan

Updated: Feb 28

Several years ago we were looking for a tropical paradise to retire and enjoy. We did our research and all indicators pointed towards Palawan. We came over for vacation to look it over and fell in love. We returned to the US, sold our home and possessions and ten weeks later showed back up in Puerto Princesa with nothing but our suitcases. It has been an exciting adventure since that day!

Palawan is referred to by the locals as The Last Frontier and this truly describes the environment. It's the largest Province in the Philippines stretching 600km long and about 75km at it's widest point. Mountain ranges stretch from north to south through the center of the island. Remote beaches literally surround the island. Palawan has been rated #1 Island Destination in Conde Naste and Travel & Leisure magazines. Always rated in the Top 5 around the world. The government has been building a multi-lane highway from North to South over the past few years so it's pretty easy to travel. Recently Roll On Roll Off Ferry service has been started between northern Palawan and Luzon (Manila). Soon a RORO Ferry will connect Sabah, Malaysia with southern Palawan.

There are still numerous primitive indigenous native tribes throughout the mountains. Some areas are still unexplored. The flora and fauna is unique to the rest of the Philippines due to Palawan being originally connected to Borneo in early history. This is reflected in the wildlife, flowers, trees, etc endemic to Palawan. It's a bird watchers paradise! Not located in the Ring of Fire so no earthquakes or volcanoes and typhoons are low risk.

Most private real estate deals here are For Sale by Owner such as ours with legal titles. We built a Mediterranean style villa with guest cottages on two hectares. It required three years to complete using a crew of local craftsmen. Having a background in construction was invaluable. We basically trained the workers as we developed the property. Their skills with wood added unique and gorgeous native style detail. The result is a breathtaking ocean and mountain overlook in a soothing tropical environment. We are in the center of the Province so you can travel to any point on the island in less then 4 hours. The international airport is 45minutes drive.

Perfect for residential or turn it into a profit center with room to expand.


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