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White Sand Beach

Location & Lifestyle

Ocean View Farm Palawan: Your Gateway to Paradise Living!

White Sand Beach Cove
White Sand Beach
Napsan Beach South China Sea
Napsan Beach
Napsan Beach South China Sea
The cloud formations are a favorite
Sunset s in the east reflect on the clouds in the east
Artistic sunrise
Moon Shadows
Thick clouds over the ocean
Philippine Coast Guard patrol often
Cruise ships are returning
Passing fishing boat
White Sand Beach
Farm and White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach Fishing Boat
Ocean View Farm Google Earth
Mountain Range View
Coconut trees, palms and bougainvillea
Puerto Princesa City
Garlic Flower Vine
New Baby Goats
We have frequent Cockatoo visitors
White Dove Stopped By
Hoya Vine
Gorgeous Hibiscus
Chico Fruit Tree
Ocean View Farm Sign
Ocean View Sulu Sea
Cockatoo in flight
Proud Cockatoo
Palawan Bangka in Cove
Palawan Beach Shanty
Palawan Beach Umbrellas

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