Guest Cottages
Ocean View Farm Palawan

Big Kubo 10.18.21
Small Kubo 10.18.21
Cottage Path
2 Bdrm Cottage
Large Cottage Dining
Large Cottage Kitchen
Large Cabin Porch
Large Cottage Living Room
Large Cottage Shower & Toilet
1Bdrm Cottage
Small Cottage Toilet
Small Cottage Shower
Small Cottage Kitchenette

Large Cottage

  • Kitchen & Dining area

  • Ceiling fans in all rooms

  • Insulated roof

  •  Fully screened

  • Detached Bathroom with covered access                                        

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Small Cottage

  • Air Conditioned screened Bedroom 

  • Paneled & insulated walls and ceiling

  • Air Conditioned western style Bathroom

  • Kitchen and dining/porch area

Cottages available for rental; daily, weekly or monthly. Inquire for pricing.